Legacy of Olympus -- Teri Gilbert

Legacy of Olympus -- Coming in October from Soul Mate Publishing

As a descendent of Aphrodite, Eleni Katsakis is chosen by her faction to use her power of passion to gain the support of Alec Andrews, a descendant of Apollo, whose undeveloped powers could be the key to saving the world.  But, unlike most men, Alec seems immune to her allure and even worse, she’s not at all immune to him.

Meteorologist Alec Andrews’ life was exactly as he’d planned it to be.  He had a fulfilling job, a luxury apartment, the Shelby Mustang he’d always wanted, and CNN knocking on his door.  Everything was going his way - until Eleni.  Nothing in his carefully ordered life had prepared him for her.

When the coalition’s enemy strikes, Alec and Eleni must face their feelings and work together to stop those who have set out to destroy the world.

Dawn's Shadow

Dawn's Shadow -- Coming in December, 2011 to Soul Mate Publishing

Evan Powell’s life would be much simpler if he couldn’t see the dead. But then nothing had been simple in his life lately, not the relationship with his family, or the recently deceased girl asking for his help, and definitely not his inconvenient attraction to Officer Allison Dennehy – a woman who seems to believe his secrets are not his own.

Allison doesn’t know what to make of the handsome, yet mysterious, Powell. He appears sincere when he says he doesn’t know what happened to the girl she’s been trying to find. But she’d bet all her “cop senses” he knows more than he’s letting on. Secrets are fine, as long as they don’t injure the innocent, and something tells her this man’s secrets - and magnetism - may change her life forever.

Together, they embark on an investigation that takes them into the darkest corners of today’s adolescent society. What they discover not only threatens their developing relationship, but their very lives.